Thursday, 9 June 2011

Relatively Norma (Anna Livia,1984)- A show by Nina Wakeford - Limazulu, London

Opening 7-10pm Thursday 9th June 2011
Then Open 12 till 6pm 10th-12th June 

There will be a discussion of the work on Sunday 12th June at 4pm. 
All are welcome.

"Some women cheered at the mention of foremothers, others booed the word "men". It was rather confusing. As Betsey pulled herself up to put her person behind her words, a little silver chain swung out from her neck. It held a double-headed axe, symbol of matriarchy. It had been Minnie's present to Ingrid who, finding it a little warlike, had passed it on to Betsey with the words "to my dear old battle-axe". Dorrie saw it and was sure Betsey had another lover. So that was why she was always tied up on Sundays.
- Get your act together, sisters, snarled Blanche from her wheelchair. We are not here to have our picture taken.
- We will mobile the girls' schools, Betsey declared.
- They look quite mobile already, said Dorrie, gazing at the figures bobbing up and down on the waves.
- And the convents and the ante-natal clinics...
- Wherever women together produce contempt in men...
- Women's prisons and girls' homes, laundromats and supermarkets, changing rooms and ante-natal clinics...

" Excerpt from "Relatively Norma" by Anna Livia. Onlywomen Press, 1984 

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